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we PROVIDE A customized PUBLIC OPINION consulting experience AND PRODUCT for each and every client.

David Ormsby, Public Opinion Consultant

Since 1990, David Ormsby has worked in Illinois politics, government, and advocacy with chief goal of influencing public opinion. As a former press secretary of the Democratic Party of Illinois and a direct mail strategist with the Illinois House Democrats, David has worked on dozens and dozens of political campaigns to shape poll-driven messages to influence voters. Since 1998, as the principal at his own public relations consulting firm, David Ormsby, Inc., David has work with clients to develop public opinion surveys that helped drive successful advocacy agendas. Additionally, between 2012 and 2016, David Ormsby oversaw polling for the political newsletter, The Illinois Observer: The Insider.

What We Provide

Illinois Public Opinion, Inc. (IPO) employs automated telephone survey technology rather than relying on a live interview. This method substantially reduces polling costs for clients and enables polls to be completed in a single evening.

Moreover, the automated survey technology increases the accuracy of polling by neutralizing the bias that a live interviewer brings into the survey equation. How? By leveraging a standardized voice, each person polled can listen to same questions with no change in tone, pronunciation, or verbal tics. It’s a standardized delivery of the questions.

For our voter data base, IPO relies on from lists created by Aristotle International, Inc., a national company that, since 1983, has provided voter data to every U.S. president—from Ronald Reagan through Barack Obama—endless U.S. Senate, U.S House campaigns, PACs, etc.

Illinois Public Opinion, Inc.

Illinois Public Opinion, Inc. (IPO) provides basic, affordable, automated public opinion surveys to clients that will capture the core outlines of public attitudes on Illinois public policy questions and on political candidates.

Leveraging our more than 25-years of experience working in Illinois politics, government, and advocacy, IPO will work with your organization to identify the right questions to ask and we will provide an in-depth analysis of the data that will help develop a persuasive message and an effective strategy.

We will translate the numbers to answer the eternal questions: What are voters saying? What do they want?

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